Objective: Improve line of sight

In Progress
Old oak paneling is being removed. Walls will be patched and painted. The old drop down ceiling will be raised and new lighting will be installed.
In Progress
Three Science offices and two single-user bathrooms have been demolished. Six new Science offices have been built along the south wall of our Science collection. New single-user bathrooms are being built south of the new offices. A new opening has been cut into the wall that separates the south building and the central building. The previous opening was filled in.
The glass wall that enclosed the Music and Dance help desk area has been removed. The wall separating the Music collection and the Music and Dance computers and composition stations has been removed. These wall removals improve sight lines for the help desk and the Music and Dance collection and study area to the north. Access to natural light has been improved. Furniture has been rearranged from an east/west orientation to a north/south orientation thereby facilitating patron movement through the area.

About this Objective

Improve line of sight

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