Four projects currently underway

Four remodeling projects are currently underway that we hope will be done before or shortly after Fall 2021 semester begins. They include:

  • Expanding the Learning Commons to the northeast side of Level 3
  • Preparing for a café adjacent to the Learning Commons on Level 3
  • Enhancing the lighting above the Religion / Family History Help Desk on Level 2
  • Creating 3 sound-proof single-user study rooms on Level 1

More information about each can be found by clicking “View Current Projects” button above.

Level 2 South Open

Construction in the south end of Level 2 is nearly complete. The old dark wood wall panelling and the “egg carton” ceiling have been replaced with painted walls and LED lighting. Furniture is in place and the area is open for studying.

New Windows on Level 3

Update, April, 2021: In response to requests from BYU students, the Library is remodeling the Learning Commons one level 3. We have removed the north walls and replaced them with windows. This will create more study spaces with natural light.

Demolition began in October and we hope the project will be finished in winter 2021.

This area will be noisy from time to time but we will do all we can to limit disruption during peak hours.

We’ll be installing new furniture on the west side of the learning commons soon, though we we’ll do our best not to disrupt studying for finals.

If you need access to computers we suggest you try The Reading Room/Periodicals on level 2.

Ceiling removal

The drop down ceiling is being removed in preparation for new lighting and ceiling

New offices

The new science offices are now complete.

Floor repair

New concrete to level out floor and prepare it for carpet.

New wall opening

New wall opening between south and central buildings